Why is GTA so popular?


GTA is one of the best selling video games for PC. Each player of this game has their own reasons why they chose this game to play with the others. If you ask me, I would say that I am amazed by the insane amount of detail in the game. It’s not easy to create a city full of life.

Staying in NYC is my dream, but have not been able to fulfill it. However, with GTA IV, now, I can just shut my eyes and reach the Times Square. Aside from this, there are many others reasons why most games buy GTA instead of other games. Below are some common reasons.

GTA is the best open-world game: Without any doubt, GTA is an open-world game and offers an amazing level of depth.

Graphics: Although GTA can’t be the best, it still is one of the best titles out there. You have a whole city where people are walking or driving. You have the freedom to do a lot of things while playing this game.

Dialogue: Dialogues inside the game are just amazing. Most of them are plot advancing or hilarious. This makes the game tons of fun.

Near-perfect experience: the most fun thing about GTA is that you can drive recklessly wherever you want in the city. Just grab the controller and do whatever you want.

Engaging story: another thing that makes GTA so popular is that it has powerful themes. There are so many characters.

Pure fun: There are not so many fun games out there. However, if you have never tried out GTA yet, do give it a go and you will have a lot of fun. Just try not to get addicted like my friend previously from Steele Carpet Cleaning. He ended up losing his job from over-gaming and not showing up to work!

Playing games is tons of fun, but if you have not played any of the GTA game yet, we suggest that you do. As a matter of fact, GTA is the only game of its kind that you can play for hours without getting bored.

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